We will organize a wedding for you that exceeds your expectations

We will plan and arrange a wedding that fulfills your vision and surpasses your expectations.

We will take care of you exceptionally well. Our team works professionally and in a friendly atmosphere, ensuring your comfort.

We will attend to every detail of your wedding day to make it full of beautiful and unforgettable experiences for you.

Exclusive wedding planning in the beautiful Prague and Czech Republic

We fine-tune everything to the last detail so that you can enjoy your wedding, and your guests experience the "wow effect," realizing that they are at a wedding like never before.

Do you want your guests to enjoy the wedding along with you? Do you want it to be beautifully unforgettable for them too? Then you will be thrilled with our services.

Svatební agenturace Lucky Wedding

The preparations for your wedding will involve the top professionals in the field

Wedding Venue

We will assist you in selecting the perfect venue in/close to Prague


We will arrange catering services and coordinate with other refreshment suppliers


Our team will handle floral decoration and collaborate with skilled florists

Music and Entertainment

We will create an entertaining program for your wedding party

Make-up a styling

A team of excellent makeup artists and hair stylists will be brought to you


We will help you choose an exceptional wedding photographer


A professional videographer will capture your wedding day

Wedding Cake and Desserts

We will coordinate with a pastry chef to create a luxurious wedding cake and desserts

Wedding Stationery

Beautiful and stylish wedding announcements, as well as other printed materials and accessories, will be designed for you


We will arrange decorations, inventory, and furniture in the style you desire for your wedding

Tent and Stage

Whether it's a luxurious feast, a lounge area under a tent for an outdoor dream wedding, or anything else you envision, we will make it happen

Anything Else

We will fulfill every wish you have. Whatever you can think of, we will arrange and execute

How's your wedding planning gonna roll?

Přijďte s námi probrat svou svatbu

Come chat with us about your big day. Think of it like building a relationship—it's all about love. Get to know each other, understand what each wants and what's important. It's like building trust but with a wedding twist.

It all ends with you both saying "I do."

We'll meet with you in our showroom. It's a chill and private spot where you can check out some of our work, meet our team, see our decoration setup, and more. It's important for us to vibe with you, get to know each other, and figure out if we're the right fit for you. We'll go through your ideas about how you want your wedding to look. You'll share your vision with us, and we'll tell you how your wedding could unfold from start to finish. We'll give you an estimate of the costs, and we'll discuss everything about your wedding—what you'll want and need.
We'll introduce you to locations that meet your requirements, especially those we've had great personal experiences with and can vouch for their friendly, professional, and accommodating approach. We guarantee they'll happily and willingly cater to your wishes. Together, we'll visit the locations that catch your interest to ultimately choose the one that suits you best. So, you can pick a place where you'll feel absolutely wonderful.
The concept and design of your wedding will reflect both of you. That's why each wedding is unique because every couple is different and distinctive. We adore minimalist and elegant design. We are, in the best sense of the word, "obsessed" with details. Every detail matters to us, and we meticulously consider each one. A guaranteed WOW effect.
Carefully, we'll choose vendors who meet your requirements. It's crucial for us that you get along with our vendors on a personal level because the foundation of every wedding should be a positive atmosphere. After all, who else contributes to the overall atmosphere of the wedding along with you and your guests but the DJ, emcee, photographer, videographer, makeup artist, or anyone else involved?
The final budget comes into play when we clarify the wedding concept. During the planning process, we refine the initial rough estimate. You have full control over all finances. We'll always present you with the best options, but the choice is yours. You decide on each pricing quote from individual vendors. We value transparency and honesty, documenting everything in clear tables that you have constant access to.
This is a delightful part. You get to taste and choose. We'll organize tastings with our luxurious catering, who will take care of you with love and care, helping create the perfect wedding menu just for you. We'll also arrange tastings with the pastry chef. Together, we'll pick the style and flavor of the cake and desserts.
We carefully assemble all the details of your wedding day, leaving nothing to chance. From the early preparations to the evening festivities, we create a plan for everyone involved in the wedding. This ensures that everyone knows exactly what will happen at any given moment. We think ahead for every situation that might arise during the wedding, even considering things you might not have thought of. So, you don't have to worry about anything; we've got it covered. Our work also involves precise logistics preparation before the wedding and on the wedding day, meticulously planned accommodation and transportation for wedding guests, a well-thought-out concept for the entire wedding decor, and much more. All of this can easily add up to around 200 hours of work.
We are here for you continuously. Even during the meticulous planning of the entire wedding, we have a Plan B prepared for various situations, such as inclement weather. We anticipate potential hiccups in advance and do our best to prevent them. On the wedding day, we will oversee everything. Thanks to this, you can focus on yourself, your family, and friends without any worries. We also act as points of contact for your guests, assisting them in reaching the wedding venue. We'll handle all those phone calls from people who need navigation assistance. We are personally present at your wedding to ensure a fantastic atmosphere, adherence to the schedule, and the resolution of anything that may arise. Several team members participate in the full-day coordination of the wedding, but for most of them, you won't even be aware unless you need their assistance.
Even after the wedding, you can fully savor the memories of the previous day. You don't have to worry about anything post-wedding either; we'll take care of everything for you. We'll handle the cleanup, return all borrowed items, settle payments with all vendors, and if you wish, we can even go to the registry office on your behalf to submit documents. We'd love to meet with you after the wedding to hear about your impressions of the entire day and our collaboration.

Day-of wedding coordination

The coordination of the wedding day is an integral part of our well-thought-through services. We can't imagine our cooperation without it. The entire planning, which takes sometimes a year or even a year and a half, can't just be handed over to anyone. That's why it's always part of our services to have precisely those who contributed to the creation of your wedding and know every detail present at your wedding.

The Day Before the Wedding

We are with you a day before the big day, ensuring the rehearsal of the ceremony so that everything runs smoothly on the wedding day. This way, you and your loved ones will be clear about what will happen, allowing you to enjoy the morning preparations and welcome drinks.

We are here for your family and guests as well. Tp oversee the transportation and accommodation, staying in contact with everyone and assisting with their needs.

On the day before the wedding, we supervise the setup of the tent, stage, and any larger productions. From the early morning hours on the wedding day, we oversee all vendors and remain available to you and your accommodated guests.

Svatební agenturace Lucky Wedding

Wedding Day

We love it when the wedding flows smoothly, and the newlyweds and guests aren't rushed from one activity to another, yet, at the same time, they're not bored. We appreciate a schedule that's just right for you—neither overly packed nor lacking, providing room for pleasant improvisation that can respond to the situation, your mood, and the weather.

We personally emcee the wedding or bring in a professional emcee. We emphasize ensuring that guests know what to expect, feel comfortable, sense that they are taken care of, have fun, and aren't pressured into anything.

We're here with a smile for you until the evening party.
Svatební agenturace Lucky Wedding


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